About Us

Together we are shaping the future

Our philosophy is, "Your success is our success".

Hedron Systems consists of expierienced certified professionals, developing software solutions using a plethora of technologies.

  • Microsoft Specialists
  • Microsoft Certified Professionals
  • Microsoft Certified Solution Developers
  • Microsoft Certified Trainers

Our Services

Rich portfolio of projects in various industries

Coming soon

SW Development

Windows applications
Web applications
Web services
Distributed applications

Cloud computing

Enable your organization to focus on
its core businesses instead of
expending resources on computer
infrastructure and maintenance.


Comprehensive packages that provides database support and application development platforms

Consulting - Training

Microsoft Certified Trainers are ready to train your team and lift your team productivity to new levels. Ready to assist You in any of your endeavors.


Computing Strategies

On Premise

  • Application managed by you
  • Data managed by you
  • Runtime managed by you
  • Middleware managed by you
  • O/S managed by you
  • Virtualization managed by you
  • Servers managed by you
  • Storage managed by you
  • Networking managed by you
  • Setup One-Time pay

Software (as a Service)

  • Application managed by Hedron
  • Data managed by Hedron
  • Runtime managed by Hedron
  • Middleware managed by Hedron
  • O/S managed by Hedron
  • Virtualization managed by Hedron
  • Servers managed by Hedron
  • Storage managed by Hedron
  • Networking managed by Hedron
  • Setup Free

Hybrid (OP + SaaS)

  • Application managed by Hedron/You
  • Data managed by Hedron/You
  • Runtime managed by Hedron/You
  • Middleware managed by Hedron/You
  • O/S managed by Hedron/You
  • Virtualization managed by Hedron/You
  • Servers managed by Hedron/You
  • Storage managed by Hedron/You
  • Networking managed by Hedron/You
  • Setup Depending on the requirements

Contact Us

For quote or booking a meeting with our team.

Kimonos 11, Kaimakli, Nicosia, Cyprus 1022

+357 700 700 52 (Cyprus)




Certified Partners / Subcontractors of Hedron systems